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Dark horse contest global new material Ningbo finals held yesterday UIV CHEM was the most growth award

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October 14, 2015 dark horse competition global new material contest ushered in the finals and awards ceremony. In the Ningbo High-tech Zone InterContinental Hotel, 50 from the global project founding team, 200 new materials entrepreneurs and investors gathered together, staged a capital and project drama. Dark horse contest global new material Ningbo finals held yesterday UIV CHEM was the most growth award.

The most exciting part of the finals is the three awards competition, the participating six teams from the initial city trials qualify for qualifying, but also in the finals closed-door group match in the clutter, come to the fore, as their respective Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen , Silicon Valley, Boston, Beijing six major city area winners, compete for awards.


After a fierce competition, six projects from 50 projects stand out, compete for the last three awards. In the end, UIV won the most growth award, Beijing Kona Thai Biotech Co., Ltd. and the peroxide system was awarded two other awards, and fortunate as the promotion project will go to Beijing to participate in the end of the dark horse contest finals.

UIV CHEM brings OLED projects, with high innovation and growth, in the field of work and civil areas have a high industrial value. UIV CHEM Chairman Zhao Xiaoyu introduced: "OLED in the display of the application, has gradually become commercial, such as OLED TV, OLED mobile phones, OLED watches and smart wear equipment; OLED lighting applications, but also with the OLED panel Production technology breakthrough, is about to open a wind and water from the revolution, OLED lighting will be its superior health performance and unique design performance to become the protagonist of a new generation of lighting!


UIV CHEM has established a strategic partnership with LG Chemical, integrating the upstream and downstream resources of the OLED industry, both in OLED materials and in OLED lighting has a unique competitive advantage. According to the California market research firm ElectroniCast Consultants released data show that OLED lighting this single application is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 75% in 2020 will reach 2.4 billion US dollars (equivalent to about 15.284 billion yuan), to 2023, OLED lighting output is expected to soar to 6.7 billion US dollars (equivalent to about 46.248 billion yuan), a wide range of applications and huge market prospects, by the various "capital predators" favor, strong funds will boost UIV CHEM more Fast and steady development! TEL: 0086-21-50456736


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