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Au optronics: three strategies to meet industry challenges

According to Paul Peng, chairman of au optronics, due to the good performance of the company in 2017, it is time to further develop the advantages of machine guns in a wide range of business areas, such as technological innovation, product development, financial management and customer service, to cope with the increasing challenges.2017 was au's best year in the past decade, with net profit of 32.36 billion new Taiwan dollars (us $1.11 billion) or t $3.36 per share.These Numbers suggest au optronics is doing extremely well financially.In response to emerging trends, au optronics will take three strategic steps: wise investment, value transformation and technological innovation to better meet challenges and achieve goals.

South Korea Display crisis, equipment manufacturers turned to domestic enterprises

South Korea's Display market has seen 'ALL STOP' investment in equipment this year.As a result, equipment manufacturers sell nearly 20 trillion won of equipment to Chinese companies.The recent slump in the small - and medium-size OLED market has led Samsung Display and LG Display to suspend investment in equipment, while Chinese companies continue to invest in small - and medium-size OLED and VLCDS.This year, Chinese companies will invest in the production of 130,000 units of the 6th generation OLED equipment in January, and the same scale of investment is expected next year.You need to invest 2 trillion won to reach 15,000 Capa monthly.BOE will invest in Capa's 45,000 B11 and B12 production lines this month.Guoxian 15,000 to 30,000, au optronics 15,000.Tianma sixth generation 15,000 pieces, cec-panda is also reviewing the sixth generation OLED investment, soft yu technology 10,000 pieces.


The LG OLED Mercedes is due out in 2020

In 2020, some models of the 'mercedes-benz E series' will start to be widely loaded from the dashboard to the rear seat display.Toyota, Volkswagen and GM also offer OLED displays on their vehicles.

Unisem signed a 14.3 billion won contract with BOE

Unisem reportedly signed up BOE with 14.3 billion won of OLED devices (CHILLER) on oct 20.


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