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LG OLED health lighting president visited UIV Chem, deepening OLED cooperation

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On September 16th, Mr. Zhang Sou Soo Park, president of LG Healthcare, LG visited the UIV and UIV Chairman Zhao Xiaoyu warmly received the guests. The two sides discussed the application and development of global OLED health lighting in depth and sought to deepen cooperation and common development.


LG Chemical, the world's leading OLED lighting technology leader, is the only company to produce OLED lighting panel, all technical parameters are leading the industry, the highest luminous efficiency: 75lm / w, the largest size: 320 * 320mm, the longest life: 40,000 hours , Flexible lighting: 400 * 50mm.


UIV, focused on the production and development of OLED materials, OLED lighting products, application development marketing for the global consumer OLED lighting, in the industry reputation, and LG first in the OLED intermediate material cooperation. UIV rigorous and pragmatic style and strong market development force to win the LG highly appreciated from the upstream supply of raw materials gradually extended to the downstream OLED lighting application cooperation, the formation of an integrated strategic partnership.


At the meeting, LG's OLED lighting president Sung Soo Park highlighted LG's global layout and market characteristics around the world. He said: the European market has accumulated more than two years time in Germany, France, the United Kingdom has its own agents in operation, OLED lighting design and health in Europe is very popular, 2015 sales will rise 5 Times, the lighting area increased by 12 times; other markets started relatively late: they chose Acuity in the United States, Japan chose Toshiba cooperation, the Chinese market is the key to OLED lighting, we finally chose UIV, the Chinese market by UIV, we are very Have confidence!


At present, OLED lighting applications mainly for high-end market, LG Chemical OLED lighting president Sung Soo Park mainly introduced the aviation (US Boeing), hotel (Hilton, Shangri-La), car (BMW, Audi), outdoor swimming pool, library, Nursing homes and other important projects of the application, the popularity of OLED lighting applications, need to further enhance production capacity and control costs, is expected to 2018 capacity will be a qualitative leap to reach 4 million / month, the price is expected to be flat with the high-end LED.


UIV chairman Zhao Xiaoyu said: LG will be the most reasonable price to provide the best quality of OLED materials, LG Chemical in the control of the cost of more space to find the two sides of the complementary points and different points, learn from each other, and constantly deepen the relationship; But also very grateful to LG Chemical to provide lighting design and installation of the project to help, help OLED lighting in the Chinese market development!

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