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OLED band-aids, the patch cure wounds with light

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When it comes to healing wounds, everyone naturally thinks of various drugs. No one will consider "light" or believe light can heal wounds. However, in fact, the development of technology makes it come true.

An academic study was published on the academic journal Advanced Materials Technology on March 8th, which was developed by researchers led by Jeon Yong-min of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology and Choi hyung-ryung of the Bundang Hospital of Seoul National University. This OLED patch can be attached to the skin and uses organic light-emitting diodes to help the damaged skin area to heal.


The OLED patch is designed as a simple portable tool that can be used as a carrier called photo biomodulation (PBM). PBM is a light therapy that uses lasers or light-emitting diodes to improve tissue repair and reduce pain and inflammation.

PBM phototherapy has long been considered a safe, non-invasive method of tissue regeneration. However, the traditional PMB phototherapy equipment uses relatively sharp light sources, such as light-emitting diodes and lasers. These light sources are with poor flexibility, heavy weight, and uneven application, which brings down the PMB phototherapy effect.

To overcome these shortcomings, the Korean research team used the latest OLED technology to meet demand. The light and soft OLED surface light source with red wavelength can be attached to the human body, and the wearable OLED patch is also convenient to use.
The OLED patch developed is only palm-sized, weighs only 0.82g, and has a thickness of 676μm. The patch can run for more than 300 hours and can be bent along a curve with a radius of 20mm. The temperature during use can always be maintained below 40 degrees Celsius, avoiding the risk of burns. It can be seen that the OLED technology has already solved the problems of weight, flexibility and the like.


In addition, experiments by the research team have shown that OLED patches can help heal wounds by stimulating the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts, a dermal cell that plays a key role in wound healing. According to the research team, OLED patches can increase fibroblast proliferation by 58%, fibroblast migration by 46%, and have a good effect on tissue regeneration. This OLED patch can be comfortably attached to the skin, and the patients will not feel aches or pains while receiving treatment.

OLED patches are a type of phototherapy, and the use of OLEDs in phototherapy not only cures wounds, but also have the efficacy of cosmetology. Nowadays, researchers have begun research on the cosmetology of OLED phototherapy. It seems that the OLED phototherapy brings unexpected effects to repairing aging skin, acne skin, scalp skin and wrinkle skin.
OLED is a new generation of display technology without blue light damage, glare, and UV, it almost has no heat and responds quickly, foldable and the other advantages. Since 2017, More than 10 OLED panel production lines have been put into production in the mainland. It is expected that mass production will be realized in 2019, and the industrial prospects are developing broadly.

Oled light would be a light revolutionary trend, whether it is from the perspective of human health or environmental protection, it will be an inevitable choice in the future. UIV OLED During those years, the development of the OLED industry in China has been very slow because of being limited by the high cost of overseas patents and materials, as a core material enterprise in the OLED industry, UIV CHEM is committed to researching and producing the key OLED materials of localization and constantly developing the patented of OLED key materials and OLED lighting products, Also Create be oled lights brand UIV OELD. UIV CHEM expect to promote the development of the industry through their own innovation and bring more healthy and natural light to human for benefitting the society. 


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