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OLED lighting will lead the new concept of eye health, solve the blue light hazard

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Today's eye health problems have gradually become the focus of attention in the society. Previously, CCTV reported that the problem of strobing the inferior quality LED lamp was brought into everyone's view. If the use of inferior quality LED lamps for a long time will not only reduce the efficiency of work and study, it will also increase eye fatigue, cause dizziness, and further trigger irreversible retina. hurt. Although the strobe of the LED is not a problem of the light source side, in fact, since its blue light is shorter than the wavelength of other light colors, it has a larger radiant energy, and the possible radiation damage is also greater than that of other colors. If the brightness of an LED lamp is too high, the eyes will look directly at the light for a long time. That is to say, the amount of blue light (blue light damage) that the human eye accumulates in the light may cause photochemical damage to the retina.


Blue light hazard, why LED lights appear? 

Studies have shown that defects in LED technology cause high-energy short-wave blue light, and this high-energy short-wave blue light can penetrate our eyes to the bottom of the retina, directly causing irreversible damage to the eye nerves. If long-term use of strobe LED lights, long-term look at the LED light source, easy to produce vertigo, uncomfortable feeling, and even cause eye damage, make the visual cells damaged, the chance of suffering from eye disease, and thus to the user's eye health Serious injury.




Solve Blu-ray hazards, OLED scientific light source health eye

 As a new generation of mainstream lighting technology, OLED has many advantages. The new generation of technology adopted is not dazzling, no UV, no blue light, no purple light hazard of fluorescent lamps, and many other advantages, can create a healthy eye environment. At the same time, the light source has low energy consumption, less heat, and environmental protection, giving the eyes a very comfortable feeling. Therefore, OLED light sources have been recognized by the scientific community both at home and abroad as the most eye-friendly and natural-friendly "friendly" light source that humans have so far created. OLEDs are not only thin but also very flexible, which makes them more suitable for use on desk lamps than conventional bulbs. And the risk of OLED lamps emitting blue light is even lower. Its display technology has self-luminous characteristics, using a very thin organic material coating and glass substrate, these organic materials will emit light when the current passes, and can save energy.


Traditional LED lights have been criticized by many people for their ability to produce a large amount of blue light, because blue light will cause some harm to our health. Exposure to harmful blue light sources for extended periods of time can cause eye vision loss and fatigue, and LED lights may affect our neurotransmitters and dopamine levels, as well as disturb people's sleep status.


OLED lamp, healthy eyes without blue light

 In order to study the effects of OLED and LED lamps in the same ambient light brightness, the effects of blue light, as well as the changes in learning efficiency, visual fatigue symptoms, vision, and accommodation. To this end, the Beijing Ophthalmology Research Institute, a well-known professional institution, conducted relevant experiments. The Beijing Ophthalmology Research Institute is part of the Beijing Tongren Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University. It is the earliest established ophthalmic research institution in the country and integrates scientific research, teaching, and clinical practice. Ophthalmology circles at home and abroad have a certain influence and are committed to improving the quality of life of patients with visual impairment. The results of the research center show that the use of OLED desk lamps is more efficient than LED desk lamps, the risk of blue light emission is low, and the degree of visual fatigue is even lower. Organic light-emitting diodes from OLEDs produce lighter, less irritating light. At the same time, OLED desk lamps are superior to LED desk lamps in adjusting power, subjective visual fatigue rating, and reading efficiency. There were statistically significant differences in reading speed and reading efficiency.


It has to be said that OLED lighting technology has played a certain role in our own eye health and can provide a healthy and comfortable light source for our daily study and life work. Not only resisted Blu-ray harm, but also provided us with vision protection.

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OLED lighting technology adds color to life

 With the development and maturity of OLED technology, LG Group, the most representative of the OLED industry, has introduced a flexible OLED technology named Flexible Solutions Section. This innovative bending design technology shows the light, thin, natural light-like, flat, flexible characteristics of the OLED, and it is light and strong enough. This technology is unmatched by LEDs. With flexible and lightweight characteristics, OLED can be more widely used in various fields of life such as business, home, and automobile, creating a more diversified application mode for smart lighting life. On January 16, 2018, UIV CHEM, LG Electronics and LG Electronics established the OLED lighting exhibition hall to officially unveil a new generation of healthy and stylish OLED lighting that subverts LED technology. It aims to demonstrate the application solutions of OLED lighting technology and realize the universal use of OLED lighting technology. ! Since its inception, UIV CHEM has been focusing on the OLED industry and independently researching and developing OLED organic light-emitting materials. It is an important supplier of LG. With the deepening of cooperation, in September 2015, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with LG to realize the material from OLED. To leaps in the field of OLED lighting, open the entire industry layout of the OLED field. UIV and LG, together with LG, develop high-efficiency, high-brightness, long-life OLED lighting to provide you with the world's highest quality OLED lighting products at a reasonable price.

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