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OLED lighting technology beyond your imagination to solve the blue light hazard

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Lighting has always been regarded as a very slow-growing industry. Until the advent of LED and OLED in the 1990s, the prelude to the development of modern lighting was officially opened. Since then, the share of OLED lighting in the global lighting market has started to increase year by year. According to IDTechEX, the OLED lighting market will reach 15 billion yuan (about 2.2 billion USD) by 2026.


Today's eye health problems have gradually become the focus of attention in the society. Previously, CCTV reported that the stroboflash problem of inferior LED lamps was brought into everyone's view. If long-term use of inferior LED lamps, not only will work and study efficiency be reduced, but over time, it will also increase eye strain, cause dizziness, and further trigger irreversible retina. hurt. Studies have shown that defects in LED technology cause high-energy short-wave blue light, and this high-energy short-wave blue light can penetrate our eyes to the bottom of the retina, directly causing irreversible damage to the eye nerves. If long-term use of strobe LED lights, long-term look at the LED light source, easy to produce vertigo, uncomfortable feeling, and even cause eye damage, make the visual cells damaged, the chance of suffering from eye disease increased, and thus to the user's eye health Serious injury.


Solving Blue Light Harm, OLED Scientific Light Source Health Eye Care

 As a new generation of mainstream lighting technology, OLED has many advantages. The new generation of technology adopted is not dazzling, no UV, no blue light, no purple light hazard of fluorescent lamps, and many other advantages, can create a healthy eye environment. At the same time, the light source has low energy consumption, less heat, and environmental protection, giving the eyes a very comfortable feeling. OLEDs are not only thin but also very soft, which makes them more suitable for use on desk lamps than traditional light bulbs. And the risk of OLED lamps emitting blue light is even lower. Its display technology has self-luminous characteristics, using a very thin organic material coating and glass substrate, these organic materials will emit light when current is passed, and can save energy. It has to be said that OLED lighting technology has played a certain role in our own eye health and can provide a healthy and comfortable light source for our daily study and life work. Not only resisted Blu-ray harm, but also provided us with vision protection.


With the introduction of a whole new generation of OLED lighting, scientific and healthy lighting technology will certainly lead the future development of lighting. At the same time, with the continuous upgrading of OLED technology and the improvement of production capacity, its application fields will be greatly expanded, and the OLED industry will usher in new ones. Layout.

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