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Comparison between OLED and LED lighting, the difference between OLED lighting and LED lighting

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OLED and LED lighting contrast

From the perspective of lighting requirements, LED is a point of light, concentrated lighting, when applied to the outdoor environment is more eye-catching, suitable for local area lighting, advertising signs, traffic warning signs and other applications. OLED is a surface emitting light, soft and uniform light, better in the room. Both have their strengths.

Looking at the lighting design, the LED heat is concentrated and requires additional lamp shades, heat sinks, light scattering devices, etc. The lighting design is more complex: the planar light source characteristics of the OLED, in addition to the lamp design suitable for various types, the heat dissipation performance is also increased. Additional cooling elements must be added to increase the cost of the lighting. In the future, the OLED of a flexible substrate will be able to emit light, creating even greater imagination for lighting designers. From this point of view, OLED is even better.

UIV OLED flexible panel

UIV OLED flexible panel

In terms of human health, different from energy-saving light bulbs, OLEDs do not contain mercury and do not have ultraviolet rays. Fluorescent lamps use mercury vapor to form ultraviolet rays, which then excite phosphors with ultraviolet light. Some of the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) also use ultraviolet light to excite visible light. The formation of white light, if exposed, will cause damage to the human eye. The OLED only needs a few small batteries, or a 9-volt square battery, it can drive light, because its low voltage can be safely carried. OLED is a surface light source with good light quality. With its light and thin shape, it can form a unique artistic product and achieve the effect that other lamps can't.

OLED lighting has unique advantages in China. In terms of technology, we are currently in the lead. In the market, whether it is the recent special lighting market or the medium-term high-end lighting market, China is far greater than any other country. Because OLED is a new type of lighting fixture, the most suitable for the promotion is the new construction market, and more than half of the world's new buildings are in China. In terms of policy, China has already faced double constraints on resources and the environment, affecting future sustainable development. China has become the largest country in electricity consumption. While actively exploring renewable energy sources, energy conservation and emission reduction have become the most direct and effective way to reduce energy consumption.

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