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OLED lighting characteristics and application prospects

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For lighting, the level of luminous efficiency can indicate whether the lighting method is power saving. This indicator is also one of the important indicators to evaluate whether the lighting method is green lighting. Different from current traditional light sources (fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, etc.), OLED and LED are both solid-state lighting, with low calorific value, low power consumption, fast response, small size, shock and shock resistance, flat package, and easy development into thin and light Short products and other advantages, there is no incandescent light bulbs high power consumption, fragile and mercury pollution of fluorescent waste, high starting voltage, so it is called "green light source."

In addition to the advantages shared by solid-state lighting, OLED lighting also has some unique advantages: OLEDs, like fluorescent lamps, are diffusion-type surface light sources that do not require the use of an additional light guide system to obtain large-area white light sources like LEDs; The diversity of luminescent materials, OLED lighting can design the desired color of light according to the needs. At present, both small-molecule OLEDs and polymer PLEDs have obtained all colors of light including white light spectrum; OLEDs can be used in many linings. The bottom is made of glass, ceramics, metal, plastic and other materials, which makes the design of the lighting source more free; the production of OLED display panels is used to make OLED lighting panels that can display information at the same time as lighting; OLEDs can also be used in lighting systems. Used as a controlled color, allowing the user to adjust the lighting atmosphere according to personal needs.

Utilizing the above characteristics of the OLED can give new functions to the illumination source, open up the lighting market that is unique to the OLED, and change people's current ideas about the illumination source. Moreover, the above characteristics will also improve the freedom of the light source design. After incorporating the unique advantages of the OLED into the design of the light source, the OLED-based light source will continue to emerge.
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