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OLED lighting is highly respected and OLED is so popular

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Some time ago, the OLED lighting products at the Frankfurt show in 2016, once again pushed the development of OLEDs to the headlines of the industry, and its unique flexibility and lightness became the new “playing object” for commercial lighting designers. On the other hand, companies such as UIV OLED, LGD, and European group Pi-Scale Alliance have also increased their presence in the OLED field this year. OLED light source revolution sounded horn?

Recently, LGD announced that it will further promote the construction of the fifth-generation OLED lighting production line at Gumi Plant in Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea, in order to lead the rapidly emerging new market, the OLED lighting market, as well as the local economy. The production line in the LGD program is the fifth-generation OLED lighting production line. As the substrate size reaches 1000mm x 1200mm, its production efficiency is greatly improved, and the monthly production is expected to reach 15,000 pieces. Compared with the original production capacity, it will be increased by 30 times, effectively exerting economies of scale and enhancing cost competitiveness.

According to UbireSearch, a market research organization, the OLED lighting market is expected to have a size of approximately US$135 million in 2016, and will thereafter maintain an annual growth rate of approximately 100%, and will reach US$1.6 billion by 2020. The OLED lighting market has broad prospects. Major lighting companies have begun to embrace the use of OLED materials. In the future, more manufacturers will launch OLED lamps. Insiders pointed out that this year and next year will usher in OLED price cuts, and its popularity will not be far.
On January 16, 2018, UIV CHEM joined hands with LG Heavy Gold to create an OLED lighting showroom. The new generation of healthy, stylish OLED lighting that subverts LED technology entered Shanghai to demonstrate the application of OLED lighting technology. UIV CHEM OLED Lighting Hall is more than 160 square meters. It fully utilizes OLED panels that are ultra-thin, flexible, light source, uniform, no heat, no glare, no ultraviolet rays, no blue light hazard, high visibility, very close sunlight and many other Human- The characteristic of Friendly adds new vitality to the modern style. Whether it is a simple track lighting solution or a transparent solution for embedded furniture, all panel application solutions are presented in the exhibition hall. The entire exhibition hall follows the modern and simple design concept of black-and-white ash base color. The fusion of marble texture, steel and mirrors are skillfully used to create a warm and luxurious space atmosphere with lights. The opening of the Shanghai showroom of UIV CHEM OLED lighting has strengthened the application development of OLED lighting in the Chinese market, aiming to make it a foothold in the Chinese market, serving more architectural designers and consumer customers, allowing more people to experience OLED lighting brings a healthy and beautiful life.
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