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Delo -UIV
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Delo -UIV

Designer: Wiktor Jarniewicz

Country: POLAND

Design Status: Avalible

Price: rmb

Time: 2017-03-31

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200mmX50mm oled panel used for the product.This table lamp is comprised of a spatial base and a standard OLED panel which is supported by four rods. The thin OLED panel emits light down onto the base, which reflects them to the sides. The power cord enters the base of the lamp and goes through the metal rods and to the OLED panel. The product is made of metal painted white, with the inner side of the base being black.

Type Square Type
Size mm 200*50
Model N6BA40 N6BA30
Thickness mm 0.88 0.88
CCT K 4,000 3,000
Efficacy lm/W 55 60
Flux lm 75 75
Uniformity % >85 >85
CRI % 90 90
Voltage V 6.0 8.5
DC Current mA 230 150
LT70 Hrs 30,000 40,000

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