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Mirror Lighting with OLEDs was installed in High-end Hospitality

Mirror Lighting with OLEDs was installed in the restrooms of the ballroom at Walkerhill Hotel, which was recently renovated.UIV case is as follows:

With only 0.88mm thickness, OLED light panels were installed at the back side of the mirror with simple 3D modeled plastic brackets at ease. The plastic bracket was glued down to the backside of the mirror; then, the OLED light panels were simply slid inside the brackets. Simple making process of this OLED mirror lighting was extraordinary. Also installing the mirror lighting was easy due to the thinness and lightness of the module itself. The mirror modules were fixed on the wooden support board with glue.


Prior to the renovation, the restroom mirrors were lit with T-5 halogen light tubes. Yool Hee Lim also said, “It is amazing how dramatic the change can be, even when just the light source is switched. The soft and warm light quality of OLED light panels brings out the luxurious and premium mood of the hotel restroom.” The OLED light panels emit evenly diffused light uniformly throughout the panels, therefore generating less shadow with less glare. This helps to make the users experience more pleasant. The uniformity of the OLEDs and extraordinary light quality of OLEDs upgraded the premium and luxurious mood of this very high-end hotel. With this factor, Walkerhill Hotel is considering the expanded use of OLED mirror lighting in the hotel.

We will continue to try to expand the cases of using OLED light panels in high-end hospitality and residential areas by building more cases.TEL: 0086-21-50456736

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