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140mmX140mm oled panel

Product Description

As the OLED lighting has the equivalent of natural light spectral distribution in the absence of any treatment of pure state. Thus it meets the ultimate goal of human pursuit of light - natural light. Besides, OLED has its own unique characteristics of human nature, such as high-performance, high color spectrum display, no heat, no glare, no blue, no UV and so on. Most importantly, it has diverse design features like ultra-thin, flexible and can be transparent. With the development of OLED lighting, it has large market like residential, commercial market, exhibition lighting etc. Those advantages provides a powerful driving force in OLED lighting marketing.

【Type】Square Type
【Size】 140x140mm
【Model】 N6SC40/N6SC30
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UIV 140mmX140mm panels

Type Square Type
Size mm 140x140
Model LL078RS1-64P1-OY1 LL078RS1-63P1-OY1
Thickness mm 0.88 0.88
CCT K 4000 3000
Efficacy lm/W 55 55
Flux lm 150 150
Uniformity % >85 >85
CRI % >87 >87
Voltage V 6 6
DC Current mA 480 480
LT70 Hrs 30,000 30,000
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decorative oled

square oled

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