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  • 1519-02

    Latest information on OLED worldwide Chinese companies will invest in the production of 130,000 units of the 6th generation OLED equipment in January, and the same scale of investment is expected next year.You need to invest 2 trillion won to reach 15,000 Capa monthly.BOE will invest in Capa's 45,000 B11 and B12 production lines this month.

  • 1819-01

    LG announces its 2019 OLED TV lineup LG Electronics announced its OLED TV lineup for 2019. LG's new OLED TVs will be powered by the company's 2nd-gen Alpha 9 intelligent processor and will offer its ThinQ AI.

  • 1119-01

    The Chinese Government visited UIV OLED for investigation and gu... On the 4th Jan, 2019, The Vice Secretary of the Jiaxing Party Committee and Secretary-General Xianlong Sun came to UIV OLED for investigation and guidance. Tianrong Chen, Vice Secretary of the Jiashan County Party Committee, and Jianfeng Lu , Secretary of the Town Party Committee, attended.

  • 0419-01

    Analysis of TV technology development route in 2019: From LCD, ... Looking back on 2018, the global TV panel industry experienced great ups and downs. In the future, the LCD panel industry will face the contradiction between rapid growth in production capacity and slowdown in demand growth for a long pe...

  • 2918-12

    OLED technology has become a turning point beyond LCD OLED/LCD has its own advantages in the current market environment, but with the investment and development of OLED, OLED will be further promoted to replace LCD and become the new dominant in the display industry.

  • 2918-12

    UIV OLED architectural lighting project completed About the orbit project profile:UIV OLED uses a square (100*100mm) and a 100mm diameter oled panel with the thin (only 0.88mm) as the light source material. The combination of different lengths and design styles gives a gentle feeling of looking up at the soft star river.

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