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High-end lighting market will be opened by OLED lamps

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The general LED lighting product technology has been relatively mature, LED lighting prices are also cheaper to calculate two, buy the onion to garlic to the point. The new generation of OLED light sources seems to bring new highlights to the show. From the perspective of the development of lighting fixtures, in the past due to the bottleneck of luminous efficiency and area, OLED lighting can only be designed into decorative light sources, desk lamps, or stand lights. But now, whether it is the area or luminous efficiency has been a breakthrough, you can already see the design of commercial lighting, or other lighting patterns. Even thin and flexible features can be combined with furniture, even as a source of light in different building materials. The luminous efficiency of LGD's OLED panel lamps can reach 80-90lm/W. Although it is still not as efficient as LED lighting. But for use in decorative lighting, or lighting products have more than enough. The LGD market positioning forOLED lighting is also very clear, is the early high-end lighting application market. Therefore, at this stage, a large number of designers have already negotiated cooperation in the development of OLED lighting products, such as the well-known industrial design masters such as Ingo Maurer.

On January 16, 2018, UIV CHEM joined hands with LG Heavy Gold to create an OLED lighting showroom. The new generation of healthy and stylish OLED lighting that subverts LED technology entered Shanghai to demonstrate the application of OLED lighting technology. UIV CHEM OLED Lighting Hall is more than 160 square meters. It fully utilizes OLED panels that are ultra-thin, flexible, light source, uniform, no heat, no glare, no ultraviolet rays, no blue light hazard, high visibility, very close sunlight and many other Human- The characteristic of Friendly adds new vitality to the modern style. Whether it is a simple track lighting solution or a transparent solution for embedded furniture, all panel application solutions are presented in the exhibition hall. The entire exhibition hall follows the modern and simple design concept of black-and-white ash base color. The fusion of marble texture, steel and mirrors are skillfully used to create a warm and luxurious space atmosphere with lights. The opening of the Shanghai showroom of UIV CHEM OLED lighting has strengthened the application development of OLED lighting in the Chinese market, aiming to make it a foothold in the Chinese market, serving more architectural designers and consumer customers, allowing more people to experience OLED lighting brings a healthy and beautiful life.

300mmX100mm OLED flexible lighting panel

300mmX100mm OLED flexible lighting panel

The cost issue has always been the most painful point for OLED lighting. One square meter prices were still around $100 two years ago. However, according to Joon Park (Joon Park, Vice President, Head of OLED Lighting Sales & Marketing Division), LG Display’s vice president of OLED lighting marketing division, LGD has achieved technological breakthrough and can reach mass production stage in the past two years. . In particular, after the LG Chem was re-divided into LG Display, the OLED Lighting Division can use OLED Display technology and production capacity to expand its OLED lighting business. Although the current lighting OLED panels are still produced on the second generation line, the ex-factory price can already come to below $30. At the same time, LGD also announced at the show that it will build a fifth-generation line capacity to expand its OLED lighting production capacity. Once it is completed, it will have the capability to produce 15,000 glass substrates per month. Therefore, there is still much room for price reduction in the future.
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