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In 2026, the global OLED lighting market will reach 15 billion. Will it replace LED lighting?

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Lighting has always been regarded as a very slow development industry. Until the advent of LED and OLED in the 1990s, the prelude to the development of modern lighting was officially opened. Since then, the share of OLED lighting in the global lighting market has started to increase year by year. According to IDTechEX, the OLED lighting market will reach 15 billion yuan (about 2.2 billion US dollars) by 2026.

Due to the continuous innovation of technology and the ever-increasing diversity of people's needs, lighting has also moved from a slow-moving industry to a more refined market, including home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, architectural landscape lighting, medical and automotive applications. Lighting and other subdivided areas. Different lighting subdivision areas have various technical parameter requirements for light quality, light intensity, lifetime, color temperature, light emitting area, and the like. The OLED lighting market will change with different influencing factors, and will be used first in the three major lighting markets of medical lighting, architectural lighting and commercial lighting. Secondly, automotive lighting applications will also grow rapidly. Once costs are reduced, Life expectancy is improved, and household lighting, industrial lighting, landscape lighting, etc. will also increase significantly. The OLED lighting panel is lit for a long time and does not generate heat. The temperature of the continuous lighting of the entire panel is lower than 36° C. This is not only different from the advantages of the LED, but also overturns the perception that the light source is hot, hot, and untouchable. The light and soft OLED lighting panel will be more widely used in various fields of people's life through the unique surface light-emitting form, and its flexible and transparent properties will also bring more novel and interesting designs and applications. The key to future success in OLED lighting.

OLED flexible lighting panel

Unlike other light sources, OLED lighting is created using the organic light emission characteristics of organic matter. It has features such as low power consumption, low heat generation, environmental protection, and natural light. It is lighter and thinner, and can be transparent, bendable, etc. The design is very free. Considered the next generation lighting technology, UIV OLED lighting inspiration brings healthier and quality light sources.

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