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New display of the elite gathered Jinshan OLED panel manufacturing industry to discuss the direction

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By the SEMI China, CODA (China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LCD Branch) and China OLED Industry Alliance co-sponsored the "Third China OLED Industry Development Forum" on July 24 held in Shanghai Jinshan. From the OLED panel manufacturing, terminal applications, OLED materials and industry scholars on behalf of (and optoelectronics, BOE, Tianma, Vincent, Huaxing photoelectric, Samsung, LG, HTC, UIV and song Seoul, etc.) nearly 200 people participated in this event , On the OLED industry trends, technology trends and market applications conducted in-depth discussion.

Forum in the guidance unit and the organizer Jinshan District Li Yueqi secretary, Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Committee Deputy Director Fu Xinhua and SEMI global vice president, SEMI China President Lu Hao An enthusiastic speech began.


"OLED industry, the status quo can be used" mixed "to describe the term," China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association LCD Branch Liang Xinqing Secretary-General said in his speech, "China's current general trend, LTPS, OLED production line showing explosive growth; Korea and Taiwan are in the leading position in the international OLED industry, but the market is growing concern for China, and have the intention to seek cooperation from the market level, OLED industry because of supply and demand fluctuations, market digestion needs to be considered. Prices, the current AMOLED 5-inch screen and LCD price gap is a big problem.How to improve the technical conditions in a reasonable cost reduction is the OLED industry at this level of the challenges facing the past year, China shows the industry's largest Is the market for new technology, process acceptance, especially for high-end small size panel demand growth soon, domestic manufacturers, including LTPS, including new products and new technologies have begun to compete with international companies on the same stage, but the expansion of the Fast may cause relative risk of overcapacity, the industry should pay attention.

This topic is the "AMOLED industry status and development challenges", the theme is "AMOLED market applications and future prospects of speech and discussion", the theme of the forum, The Prof. Zhang Jianhua, Chairman of Shanghai University, Mr. Lvxiang, Deputy Secretary-General of China OLED Industry Alliance and Li Leiguang, Senior Research Manager of Qunzhi, respectively, delivered speeches on the stage.

And Huaguang Zhu Ketai, general manager of the "China AMOLED development status and outlook," the speech put forward, "AMOLED industry outbreak of inflection point is already coming, is the birth period to the burst period of good times. Intelligent wave to promote the rapid development of small and medium-sized display , And AMOLED in the flagship mobile phone market, smart wear, VR and other aspects of the gradual replacement of the situation, such as the flagship mobile phone, in May and June of the market brand, compared to last year's three brands, there are 15 brands using AMOLED display ; Smart wear, AMOLED has become a new favorite, representative products for Apple smart watches and Huawei smart watches; and in the virtual reality, Samsung, Sony, Oculus and other brands are using the AMOLED display. New display capacity investment to accelerate, But also for AMOLED provides a good opportunity, such as Samsung and LG Corporation to increase the flexible display technology research and development and capacity expansion of investment.As the mainland AMOLED leader, and glow electricity production ranks second in the world, has completed the glass carrier AMOLED technology is accumulating, and positive for flexible display technology to accelerate. With many industries Counterparts to join the development of AMOLED industry trends, will be no longer simply chase the size (capacity), but to do global competition in the specifications (high resolution, flexibility, etc.). "


Shanghai University Professor Zhang Jianhua in the title of "Shanghai OLED industry chain, innovation chain construction," the speech said, "As expected, the domestic display industry will be more than 2018 in South Korea, ranking first in the world. Innovative products drive AMOLED industry Sustainable development, domestic GDP output in 2014 more than 100 billion, but only 10% of the world; R & D industrialization is relatively slow, technology research and development still need to accelerate, but the relative, domestic policy support more and more. "The main competition from AMOLED panel is from LCD-LTPS. From the point of view of price trend of JDI and Samsung in the first half of the year," said AM LeiED, a senior research manager at the National AMOLED Supply Chain Trends and Flexible Display Outlook, OLED industry to promote the application needs more promotion means to get out of the low degree of brand engagement, technological progress is slow predicament. " After the keynote speech, SEMI China, a senior analyst Huang Guangfeng hosted a roundtable discussion related issues, emphasizing again and put forward the concept of Professor Zhang More Display, the guests and the audience had a good interaction.

Part II AMOLED market application and future outlook speech by the China Optical Optoelectronics Association LCD branch Hu Chunming director presided over, from BOE Group Vice President Liu Xiaodong, TCL Industrial Research Institute Pan Junyou Deputy Chief Engineer, song Seoul acoustic in the big super President, HTC China Zongjing Ban senior manager Luo Feng, CINNO Chen Liya, deputy general manager, respectively, AMOLED small and medium size in the smart phone and wear applications such as the status quo and future prospects made a very good statement, CINNO Deputy General Manager Chen Liya proposed AMOLED panel triggered a fresh point of view changed the pattern of the mobile phone market and so on.

During the meeting, the organizers also arranged to visit the Jinshan Planning Hall and Huihui photoelectric activities, the guests carefully watched the AMOLED technical brief introduction video and glare photoelectric products, and zero distance experience and Hui exhibition in various types of applications, a variety of innovative forms and application forms AMOLED shows, won the unanimous appreciation of the guests and the audience.


And glare from the two and a half years ago to nothing, to take the lead in the domestic production of AMOLED display mass, the product is highly recognized by the market, and the constant pursuit of extreme product and application diversification. The company will be based on the first stage 4.5 on behalf of the line to "focus on AMOLED leading technology, focus on small and medium size display, focus on China's vast market" for the development strategy to promote technology research and development and further expansion of production capacity. As Zhu Ketai general manager mentioned in the forum, AMOLED industry development so far, glass display products already have a certain competitive edge, but the industry's success factor is still extremely scarce.

SEMI is committed to promoting the development of China's flat panel display industry, emphasizing the industrial chain to build, China AMOLED in accelerating the new display technology R & D vector production from the transformation process needs supporting equipment, materials, comprehensive localization in order to develop new technologies in the future Gradually narrow the gap.

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