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Shanghai OLED Industry Alliance was established, UIV CHEM is one of the initiating units

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Core Tip: June 5, Shanghai OLED (Organic Light Display) Industry Alliance officially established in Jinshan, UIV is one of more than 10 sponsors, as Shanghai's most important OLED material upstream manufacturers to participate!

June 5, Shanghai OLED (organic light display) industry alliance officially established in Jinshan, will focus on national strategic objectives, focus on Shanghai and the surrounding areas of the display industry has the advantages of key enterprises, research institutes and universities, breaking the OLED industry Of the technical bottlenecks to achieve the sharing of resources within the industry, and then drive the overall improvement of China's flat panel display industry chain.


Flat display industry is one of the core pillar industries of electronic information industry, which is of great significance in promoting the transformation of China's economic development mode and optimizing the upgrading of industrial structure. Organic light display is known as the CRT (CRT), LCD (LCD) after a new generation of display technology, the development of the industry has also been the attention of the national level.

Jinshan District as a municipal government to determine the new industrial reform pilot area, and Hewlett-ray project as the basis, planning in the Jinshan Industrial Zone, 1.7 square kilometers, the key upstream and downstream manufacturers, around the AM-OLED industry chain, focusing on the development AM-OLED and its upstream and downstream key equipment and key materials, optoelectronics, optoelectronic components and other industries, to enhance the added value of the entire industry chain, the Jinshan District to become the country's influential new display industry cluster one of the important base.


The newly established Shanghai OLED Industry Alliance, initiated by more than 10 units such as Shanghai Huiguang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tianma Organic Luminescent Display Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai University, Shanghai Optoelectronics Industry Association, Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. Members of the organic materials, special equipment, display devices, machine applications, including the OLED industry chain, including scientific research, production and service agencies, such as more than 30, will drive Shanghai and the surrounding areas of OLED and related industries, long-term sustainable development.

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