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UIV crowned the first session of the first stage of the stupid bird Cup promoter

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UIV Introduction: December 18, 2016, the first session of the stupid bird Cup promoter contest ceremony held in the Jiashan Shan Da College Activity Center Auditorium. At the meeting, the organizers of the Shanghai Second Industrial University by the Director and the senior vice president of the Cinda College issued a speech, praised the students in this game in the fighting spirit and efforts to thank the business to give the support of students, certainly stupid Birds social competition will be students and enterprises two-way development of the positive role and significance of the two students on behalf of the stage speech, talked about the game experience and harvest.


UIV in this game lucky for the team to win the championship honor, and won the title of outstanding team, business executives came to power speech, the host and general manager Zhao Xiaoyu support expressed gratitude, and certainly the efforts of students, grateful teammates cooperation The After more than 40 days of hard work and hard work, students from the beginning of the enthusiasm to the plain to adhere to the final leap, these are the growth process, which more than 40 days of efforts to witness the growth of a young eagle, The future, they will grow into a real elite.

Do and do not be two different things, do and do both are. In the make their own choice after the effort to do a good job in this process to do every step is very important, rather than simply to pursue the results. When the completion of all the process, the result is not the most important, but everyone can have income, have gained, this is an invisible spiritual wealth. Although the original Yu Rui battle group facing a group of teammates absent the unfavorable situation, but the rest of the students in the battle group do not give up, insist on trying to do every step by step to the goal, and finally in the game At the end of the day, the team won the championship. Facing the future, forge ahead in unity, perseverance, the pursuit of excellence, this is the spirit of UIV. Hope that everyone in the future on the road to go farther, fly higher, become stronger!


November 13, 2016 UIV Stupid Bird Walker contest students, four students from the four students to visit my visit to visit UIV OLED lighting products in order to push the hands of the contest to better promote our products, do social network marketing The

10:30, UIV OLED lighting division general manager, network marketing department and its department specializes in receiving four students. In the conference room, the two sides talked about each other, the students clear their division of responsibilities. At the meeting, UIV to the students issued a related product books and catalogs, by Xiao Xiao for the students introduced the product performance, and according to the duties of the division of the division of workers, hope that they cooperate with each other, and strive to complete the task of this competition. OLED lighting industry lighting industry star, most people are not very understanding, the students heard very seriously, made a detailed note and put forward their own doubts on the relevant issues, lighting division gave a positive and detailed reply and made a Related solutions.

After the meeting, Xiao Xiao led the students to visit the OLED lamps and show the lighting effect, the students expressed great love of this simple and stylish new lamps, and according to the requirements of the promoter contest shooting part of the life lighting photos as material.


After the end of the work, the students in the UIV free to visit, and shot a lot of product photos, expressed the love of OLED lamps, the manager smiled to encourage students to learn, after graduation to find a good job.

The two sides ended the event in a pleasant lunch atmosphere. Companies and students have benefited, UIV is also the students of this vibrant spirit of infection, in the future, UIV will be more positive attitude and pragmatic spirit to move forward!TEL: 0086-21-50456736

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