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Lightweight and soft like paper LG display flexible OLED desk lamp

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The OLED panel produced by LG Display has a very high quality, which is evident from the LG OLED TV and the recently released V30 smartphone. However, LG's application of OLED panels is not confined to electronic products. Recently, they have demonstrated the use of OLED panels as lighting sources.

In fact, this is not the first OLED table lamp introduced by LG. As early as 2014, LG Electronics demonstrated a similar consumer product concept. And now, LG Display has finally transformed the concept into a product.

In the past few years, the technology behind OLED desk lamps has been greatly developed. It was originally produced using a second-generation production process, but LG Display now uses a more efficient fifth-generation production process.

This OLED desk lampuses an ultra-thin light panel and is covered with plastic, so the flexibility is very high. LG Display produced three different light-emitting panels, one of which is a square, and the other two are ovals of different lengths.

The power of this lamp is higher than that of the 2014 version, and the luminous life has also been extended. LG Display publicly displayed the three desk lamps at the DesignJunction exhibition held in London recently and stated that the elliptical model has a luminous life of between 30,000 and 40,000 hours, which is the equivalent of turning on the lamp for 10 hours every day for 13 years.

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On January 16, 2018, UIV CHEM joined hands with LG Heavy Gold to create an OLED lighting showroom. The new generation of healthy, stylish OLED lighting that subverts LED technology entered Shanghai to demonstrate the application of OLED lighting technology. UIV CHEM OLED Lighting Hall is more than 160 square meters. It fully utilizes OLED panels that are ultra-thin, flexible, light source, uniform, no heat, no glare, no ultraviolet rays, no blue light hazard, high visibility, very close sunlight and many other Human- The characteristic of Friendly adds new vitality to the modern style. Whether it is a simple track lighting solution or a transparent solution for embedded furniture, all panel application solutions are presented in the exhibition hall. The entire exhibition hall follows the modern and simple design concept of black-and-white ash base color. The fusion of marble texture, steel and mirrors are skillfully used to create a warm and luxurious space atmosphere with lights. The opening of the Shanghai showroom of UIV CHEM OLED lighting has strengthened the application development of OLED lighting in the Chinese market, aiming to make it a foothold in the Chinese market, serving more architectural designers and consumer customers, allowing more people to experience OLED lighting brings a healthy and beautiful life.

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