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The chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference Quangen He visited UIV CHEM and offered the invaluable guidance.

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On 22th August, the chairman of the county CPPCC, He Quangen, the secretary-general Jianjia Xu and the other delegations visited the plant site of UIV CHEM. They debriefed about our production and equipment. In a conference, the responsible person of the corporation introduced the development of the OLED industry in China and over the world, He reported the Present situation and future development plan of UIV CHEM and UIV OLED.


OLED is a new generation of display technology without blue light damage, glare, and UV, it almost has no heat and responds quickly, foldable and the other advantages. Since 2017, More than 10 OLED panel production lines have been put into production in the mainland. It is expected that mass production will be realized in 2019, and the industrial prospects are developing broadly.


During those years, The development of the OLED industry in China has been very slow because of being limited by the high cost of overseas patents and materials, As a core material enterprise in the OLED industry, UIV CHEM is committed to researching and producing the key OLED materials of localization and constantly developing the patented of OLED key materials and OLED lighting products, UIV CHEM expect to promote the development of the industry through their own innovation and bring more healthy and natural light to human for benefitting the society.

Chairman He affirmed the development of UIV CHEM and the government departments promise that they would also strongly support the development of UIV CHEM. He hopes that UIV CHEM will create more high-quality products and make greater contributions for society in the future.

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