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UIV with OLED lighting fixtures to participate in the Hong Kong International Lighting Autumn Exhibition

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In June this year, UIV actively participated in the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, to strengthen the social awareness of OLED lighting fixtures, at the same time caused the lighting manufacturers and lighting designers great response. Division I from June to now nearly five months of time has been received more than a thousand customers at home and abroad! OLED future market potential can be seen great. In order to further open the OLED market door, UIV actively participated in the Hong Kong International Lighting Autumn Exhibition.


UIV in June this year, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Hall, although Aladdin's major lighting exhibition hall surrounded and side by side, but UIV booth is still like a black firefly, no matter how low-key can not cover up its light. UIVOLED lamps soft light source to create a warm atmosphere, simple and yet stylish taste of OLED lamps and none of the indoor and outdoor lighting manufacturers are so obsessed with, that hall of the purple UIV logo highlights our products low-key but elegant life Taste connotation.

Today, UIV after a short period of four or five months of rapid development, OLED lamps and lanterns more and more complete, many items: lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, chandelier, track lights, night lights and so numerous, attracting domestic and foreign The customer is crowded with an endless stream. Guangzhou light show when compared with the current situation, like a firefly than Haoyue.


Hong Kong lighting exhibition, UIV in action; Jingdong public activities, UIV in action. We have opened in the Jingdong OLED eye lamp SKY2 on behalf of the various projects, we warmly welcome you to participate in this change in the cause of China's lighting.

After just five months of development, UIV lamps have begun to take shape, and began mass production. In the future, I will introduce the Secretary for more types of OLED lighting. From now on, from small to large, from weak to strong, UIV every step is very difficult, but UIV people never had to give up the idea, because UIV conform to the trend of the times, seize the OLED lighting Development opportunities, tenacious struggle, only today's insignificant achievements, because the UIV, never satisfied with their own results. Do the leader in China's OLED lighting field, has never been an empty talk, every UIV people are working hard for this, toward a higher goal of struggle!TEL: 0086-21-50456736

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