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UIV display OLED lighting products, promote OLED lighting in China's development process

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UIV from 2009 onwards has been committed to the development of OLED business to provide a variety of high-quality OLED raw materials for the base, and LG Chemical formed a strategic partnership, and constantly extend the OLED industry chain, from 2015 into the OLED lighting products, Stationed in the OLED lighting market, and vigorously promote the development of OLED lighting in China.

UIV, China OLED lighting leader

September 23, the second session of the Shanghai International Lighting Fair in Shanghai New International Expo Center held a grand, UIV launched OLED lighting products stunning debut, as the focus of the entire show. "N1C68 (Booth No.)" seems to have become a word of mouth for people to communicate with each other, attracted from the endless stream, can be described as voices. The reason is that UIV as the first domestic production of OLED lighting only the company, the launch of the OLED lighting products in the country or the first exhibition, OLED lighting superior health performance (no blue, no flash, no glare, no UV (No light, more energy) and unique design performance (light weight, thin thickness, can be bent, no fever) deeply attracted everyone's attention and eye, visitors could not help but lament: OLED lighting is the future of lighting! UIV cited the world's leading OLED luminous technology, to create high-quality OLED lighting products, will lead the development of China's lighting industry in a new direction to become China's OLED lighting leader.



UIV exhibited the world's highest quality OLED lighting products

UFR exhibited 10 sizes of OLED lighting panels can be applied to a variety of color temperature (3000k / 3500k / 4000k), but also to achieve high color rendering index (CRI> 90), high brightness (4000cd / m2), high light efficiency (75 lm / w) and long life (40,000 hours). No blue, no flash, no glare, no UV, no glare, more energy efficient, light weight, thin thickness, can be bent, no heat.

The largest size of the OLED lighting panel

The largest size of the OLED lighting panel, the size of 320x320mm. The panel has a luminous efficiency of 75 lm / w, a high color rendering index (CRI & gt; 90), a weight of less than 300 g, and a thickness of only 0.88 mm. This panel can output 1,125lm, similar to 15 watts of LED lights. Obviously, it marks the OLED not only seen as an energy-saving and human-friendly light source, but also gradually regarded as a suitable for a general purpose of the light source.


Flexible flexible OLED lighting panel

Flexible flexible OLED lighting panels are flexible plastic film type OLED lighting panels. Such panels are twisted and fragile. There are two sizes, 210x50mm size of the panel has been mass production and commercial applications; 400x50mm size has been a small amount of samples, is expected to be in 2015 will be mass production.


OLED lighting in real life applications show

OLED lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, night lights, make-up mirror lights and other lighting display, give people the feeling is: it is not just a lamp, it is a kind of art.


The exhibition highlights the characteristics and advantages of OLED lighting

The best light source for people is the scattered natural light. UIV exhibited OLED light source in the absence of any treatment of pure state has the equivalent of natural light spectral distribution, therefore, people in the OLED lighting under the comfort. OLED lighting panels are ideal for use where natural light can not be used, such as: art museums, museums or places where high quality light sources are needed, such as hospitals, nursing homes, aviation cabin, hotels, clubs, villas and so on.

People's eyes are easily affected by the light source, prolonged exposure to the glare of the dazzling light source may be hurt or lead to poor vision, eye disease and other hazards, sensitive to light the child by the greater damage. OLED is not a point light source, but the organic material from the light surface light source, no glare, no shadow, not dazzling. That's why we recommend OLEDs should be used where visual comfort is needed, such as study, library, office, etc.

OLED lighting panel with ultra-light, ultra-Bo, twisted features. This comparison with the existing lighting, will give designers more creative design space. In addition, OLED lighting panels only send very low heat (<37 ℃), eliminating the heat sink and diffuser, can be easily applied to any kind of product or building, while saving the installation space and cost.


The exhibition will be issued more than 2,000 copies of publicity, the number of about 3,000 people, received a good publicity and promote the role, believe that OLED lighting will gradually into our lives, and constantly improve our quality of life, to achieve Yurui chemical " Make life better "mission!tel: 0086-21-50456736

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