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General lighting patterns tend to solidify: OLED lighting is the next breakthrough

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We all know that after more than 100 years of evolution and development, general lighting has matured from incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, and LED lighting products. At the Frankfurt Lighting Fair, we also noticed that the difference between the products of different manufacturers is not very obvious, and the fiery filament lamp products in recent years are similar.


In the field of lighting, OLEDs can be used not only as indoor and outdoor general lighting, backlights, and decorative lighting, but also as an artistic flexible light wallpaper, a window that can emit light in a single color or color, and a wearable luminous warning sign. product. We all know that South Korea’s Samsung and LG have always been at the forefront of OLED research and development, especially in mass production. The 5th-generation OLED lighting production line (1100mm x 1250mm) of Gumi P5 Plant, which has been mass-produced by LG Display, is the largest in the world, and can be produced in comparison with the original production line of 4,000 pieces per month (370mm x 470mm). About 30 times the amount. LG Display plans to use 15,000 tablets as its initial production volume, and then gradually increase production and mass production. At the same time, LG Display also announced that it has signed a supply contract with Germany's Daimler, which has increased its lighting production capacity to 30 times before, and is striving to supply the giants of the German-German automobile. It can be said that in OLED lighting applications, LG Display has a first-mover advantage.

 OLED flexible lighting panel

OLED flexible lighting panel

LG Lighting President delivers a speech 

On January 16, 2018, the OLED lighting showroom of LG and UIV OLED lighting was opened in Shanghai. The UIV OLED lighting exhibition was more than 160 square meters. It fully utilized the OLED panel which was ultra-thin, flexible, and the light source was distributed evenly without heat or glare. , no UV, no blue light hazards, high visibility, near sunlight and many other Human-Friendly features, adding new vitality to the modern style, whether it is a simple track lighting solution or a transparent solution for embedded furniture, all panels Application solutions are presented in the showroom.

 UIV OLED Lighting Showroom

Since its inception, UIV CHEM has been focusing on the OLED industry and independently researching and developing OLED organic light-emitting materials. It is an important supplier of LG. With the deepening of cooperation, in September 2015, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with LG to realize the material from OLED. To leaps in the field of OLED lighting, open the entire industry layout of the OLED field. UIV and LG will provide OLED lighting products at a reasonable price through the development of high-efficiency, high-brightness, long-life OLED lighting.


Decoration, interior lighting, advertising, general lighting, medical, automotive and other fields will all become their potential markets. In terms of market performance, 2018 is expected to reach a scale of 6 billion US dollars.

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